Perry Lutheran Homes steps up to staff Wednesday Fellowship at MCB

Celebrating the Perry Lutheran Homes' $1,000 support for the city of Perry"s Wednesday Fellowship Meal at the MCB were, from left, City Manager Sven Peterson, Perry Lutheran Homes Administrator and COO Melissa Gannon, Perry Parks and Recreation Department Assistant Director Becky Halling and Perry Mayor John Andorf.

The Perry Lutheran Homes not only gave a large part of the funds raised in the second annual Run Through Time 5K Fun Run to the Wednesday Fellowship Meal program at the McCreary Community Building, but the Lutheran Homes’ staff will start preparing the weekly meals starting Sept. 1.

The community of Perry stepped up in a big way July 6 to support Perry’s elderly citizens, with sponsors from Perry and surrounding towns as well as a runners, walkers and rollers raising more than $8,000 in the Fun Run, held in conjunction with the citywide Perry Sesquicentennial Celebrations.

In addition, Perry Lutheran Homes, in partnership with the city of Perry, will be supporting the continuation of the weekly, senior fellowship meal held at the McCreary Rec Center.

Part of the proceeds from the run were distributed to the city of Perry for the weekly Wednesday Fellowship Meal served at the McCreary Community Building to provide meals and socialization for elder citizens in the community of Perry and part went to the Perry Lutheran Homes to support residents unable to afford care.

More than 40 percent of people age 65 and over regularly experience loneliness, according to a University of California San Francisco study. These feelings of separation, disconnection and isolation lead to serious health problems, such as depression and dementia, as well as in increased likelihood of death.

Of the funds raised by the Run Through Time 5K Fun Run, $1,000 was donated to the Senior Fellowship Meal program as just one of many ways to help combat loneliness in our elder citizens. But the Perry Lutheran Homes learned it could help in another way as well.

When the Perry Lutheran Homes recently learned that the Wednesday Fellowship Meal was in jeopardy of closing due to lack of cooking staff, discussions were held between the city of Perry and the Perry Lutheran Homes, and both parties agreed to a partnership to assure that this important weekly meal and socialization gathering will continue with evaluation at the end of the year.

The outcome is positive: the Perry Lutheran Homes dietary staff will take over the meal preparation portion of this event beginning Sept. 1.

“The weekly fellowship and meal time together is important to so many seniors in Perry,” said Perry Mayor John Andorf. “We are grateful to the staff at the Perry Lutheran Homes for their support in helping this continue.”

The remaining funds raised through The Run Through Time were used to support the care of residents at Perry Lutheran Home’s Willis campus, where elders are able to stay social and live meaningful and purposeful lives.

“Residents living at Perry Lutheran Homes have so many opportunities to engage with life,” said Melissa Gannon, COO and administrator at Perry Lutheran Homes, “whether it’s loving the babies and children in our on-site daycare, participating in our mission projects or taking part in one of many planned activities. We find that many times before residents come to live with us, they were isolated and lonely. After moving in and joining the Perry Lutheran Homes family, we get to see them blossom and thrive.”

Elder generations have done so much to care for others over the years that we need to give back to them they care they gave us. It is an honor and privilege to now care for them.

Perry Lutheran Homes and Mayor Andorf would like to thank all Run Through Time 5K sponsors that helped to lead the way and StepUp! Thank you to Lawrence Bice and Family, Jiffy Lube of Des Moines–Curt and Aimee Carlson, Progressive Foundry, Perry Chamber of Commerce, Tyson Foods, Denman and Co., EdwardJones, Haaland Financial Services, John and Julie Kiley, LaPoste, Mary Rose Collection, Perry Perk, Perry Greenhouse and Supply, Hotel Pattee,, Raccoon Valley Radio, The Perry Chief, Frio and Fareway.

Thank you to all others who helped in any way by volunteering or serving on the committee, including John McGee and KDLS radio, for making the Run Through Time 5K memorable with music from each decade along the entire route.

Mark your calendars for Friday, July 31, 2020, at 7 p.m. for the third annual Run Through Time. All walkers and runners are encouraged to help celebrate music, memories and elder citizens. Join the movement by taking the weekly StepUp! Challenge, found on the Perry Lutheran Homes’ Facebook page and at the RunThroughTime website, where new, creative and fun ways to engage with and care for elders in your community are shared each week.

For those age 50 and above, make plans to join in the weekly senior fellowship meal that takes place every Wednesday at noon from Sept. 4, 2019 through May 13, 2020. Come enjoy a full meal, including drink and dessert, for just $5. Call the McCreary Community Building to make your reservation at 515-465-5621.

Mollie Clark is the director of marketing at the Perry Lutheran Homes.


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