Perry mourns lost promise of Kamdyn Brindynn Hike

Some 300 people gathered Monday afternoon in Pattee Park in Perry to celebrate the life of Kamdyn Brindynn Hike, 12, of Perry.

The family and friends of Kamdyn Brindynn Hike of Perry swelled the Pattee Park shelter house with about 300 souls Monday afternoon for a Celebration of Life of the 12-year-old boy who died Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019, after a brief illness.

Many memories were shared over a meal, with meats prepared by the Perry Firefighters Association.

Guests were invited to write down their fondest memory of Kamdyn on a slip and place it in one of the jars on the reception table, where an urn held the youngster’s ashes. A memorial card contained a poem, “Mother and Son,” by E. Warby.

I would give my life to have you back,
said his Mum.

I know you would, said her son.
I cry each night for you, said his Mum.
And I catch all of your tears, said her son.
I pray for the day that I can see you again,
said his Mum.
Close your eyes and you can see me,
said her son.

You are the first person who loved me,
and you are the first person I loved.
You were always there when I needed you,
and you always knew when I needed a hug.
I am here for you now, Mum,
in your heart and in your soul.
I did not take your heart with me.
Instead I left mine with you to hold.
One day I will take your hand
and lead you to paradise
but until then, my beautiful mother,
when you want to see me,
you only need to close your eyes.


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