Perry one month away from new garbage, recycling routines

Weekly routes and schedules for garbage collection will not change with the Aug. 6 rollout of the new collection process, so if your garbage was picked up on Monday, it will continue to be picked up on Monday and so forth. Source: City of Perry

Residents of Perry received a seven-page letter from the Perry City Hall this week, with detailed instructions on the new procedures for garbage collection and recycling disposal that take effect Aug. 6.

On the garbage side, the letter explains in English and in Spanish that Perry residents will have a 95-gallon container delivered to their homes during the week of July 30. There is no cost to Perry residents for the new bins.

Weekly routes and schedules for garbage collection will not change, so if your garbage was picked up on Monday, it will continue to be picked up on Monday and so forth. Bins should be placed in the driveway or on the parking — the grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb — by 7 a.m. on collection day.

Do not place garbage bins in the street, the city letter said.

The letter also includes a list of helpful tips-consejos utiles that covers the proper filling and placement of garbage bins. Bins should not be overfilled but should contain only so much that the lid still closes.

Bins require four feet of clearance on each side in order for the truck to grab the bin with its automated arm. Do not place bins behind or near parked vehicles, next to trees and so forth, but allow four feet on both sides of the bin.

Perry residents will continue to pay $19 a month for weekly garbage collection and seasonal yard waste pickup. Residents who find the 95-galloon bin too unwieldy may switch to a 65-gallon bin.

On the recycling side, curbside collection will cease, and residents will now haul their recyclables to one of three sites where roll-off dumpsters will be provided:

  • in the lot east of the Public Safety Building at 908 Willis Ave.
  • in the main parking lot of the McCreary Community Building at 1800 Pattee St.
  • in the south side of the Dewey Field parking lot in the 2700 block of Warford Street

Residents are encouraged to read the letters in English and Spanish for more details on the new garbage and recycling arrangements.

“We ask that you please have patience with us on this process,” the English version of the Perry City Hall letter said. “This is new for everyone, including our employees, but we know it will work out great in the end. Feel free to call city hall with any quiestions you may have at 515-465-2481.”

“Les pedimos que por favor tengan paciencia con nosotros en este nuevo proceso,” the Spanish version of the Perry City Hall letter said. “Esto es nuevo para todos, incluyendo nuestros empleados. Pero sabemos que al final todo funcionara de una mejor manera. Sientase libre de llamar a la ciudad con cualquier pregunta que tenga la 515-465-2481.”

The $400,000 startup cost for the new waste services will be paid with Local Option Sales Tax revenues, according to city authroities, including $152,000 for the rolling garbage bins, one for each of Perry’s 2,500 households, $245,000 for the new automated garbage truck and $158,000 for new commercial truck with cart tippers and winch.

The trade-in value of about $162,000 for three of the city’s current garbage trucks also helps offset the startup cost.



  1. I’m sorry to hear about the changes in collecting recycling. People being people, we will probably not take the time to do what is necessary to recycle and just put everything in the trash. I spent many years teaching my students the importance of recycling. Now it’s like I wasted my time.

  2. What? No more 4 a.m. raccoon smorgasbords? They’ll need to start being honest raccoons and fending for themselves now.

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