Perry Police Report April 13


April 12, 2016

  • A caller said she sold a couch to a man in Perry who promised to pay but has not paid. She said he verbally threatened her when she contacted him. An officer responded, said it was a civil matter and advised her how to proceed. The caller said she would come to Perry to collect the money or retrieve the couch and asked that an officer of the Perry Police Department escort her. The officer said the escorting officer “will only be there to keep the peace” and “cannot make the subject give them money or return property.”
  • A caller said she received two calls “from the federal government stating that since she paid her taxes on time, they were going to send her $8,000.” The caller said she hung up on them.
  • A caller said a teenage boy was walking with a girl and smoking a cigarette. An officer responded but could not find the children.
  • A caller said her neighbor put garbage on the curb, but it will not be picked up until Thursday. The office of the Perry Compliance officer was alerted.
  • Kirsten Leigh Palmer, 22, 309 E. Third St., Dawson, was arrested on a charge of fourth-degree theft.
  • A caller said a client at Xist house was throwing food at him. An officer responded and spoke with both clients. Claims were made that a battery charger and water bottles were also thrown. The clients “agreed if they could not get along they would stay away from each other and not speak.”
  • A caller said she received two calls from someone claiming to be with Publishers Clearinghouse. She said when she told the caller that she believed he was perpetrating a phone scam, “the caller used profanity towards her and hung up.”
  • A caller said the house he is building was burglarized and a number of tools were stolen. The caller said the Dallas County Sheriff’s office was investigating the incident, but he wanted the Perry Police Department to be aware of it.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.



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