Perry Police Report April 14


April 13, 2019

  • A caller said “someone was blasting her doorbell,” and the caller “did not know who it could be.” An officer responded and found “a Bible on the doorstep belonging to a juvenile court.”
  • A caller reported a dog running at large near Rippey. The call was transferred to the Greene County Sheriff’s office.
  • A caller said his dog was lost. The caller called again and said his dog was found.
  • A caller from a local retail store said a vehicle “has been parked in their lot for three days,” and “they don’t want it there.” An officer responded and said “they need to tow it at the owner’s expense due to” the retail store “being private property.”
  • A caller asked “about getting rid of roperty that belongs to an ex-roommate.” The caller said “he has given the person plenty of opportunity to get his things.” The caller said the person “has said he will get them but hasn’t.” An officer responded.
  • A caller “reported someone driving a go cart around the block” and “driving pretty fast.” An officer responded.
  • A caller “requested an officer respond to get property at her sister’s house.” An officer responded.
  • Two wireless 911 callers reported “a motorcycle accident on Highway 141 near Woodward.” The Dallas County Sheriff’s office was advised.
  • A caller said a dog was running at large. An officer responded, examined the dog’s tags and “dropped off the dog with the owner’s son.”
  • An employee of a local group home said someone “locked staff out of the house and is ‘escalated but not violent.'” An officer responded.
  • A wireless 911 caller was “advising of ‘tweakers’ down the road that are messing around and tearing up the road.” The disptacher determined the caller “was in Boone County, and it wasn’t necessarily an emergency.” The call was transferred to the Boone County Sheriff’s office.
  • An employee of a local group home made a wireless 911 call and said “there was a fight between” someone “and some of the other residents.” Officers responded and determined “it was a dispute over the internet being unplugged by” someone, leading to “a fight.” The officers “advised both parties to stay away from each other and have a worker settle disputes.”
  • A caller “requested extra patrol at her house due to issues with her sister. Officers were advised.”
  • A caller requested “an officer go check outside her apartment because she heard noises and believes it to be her ex.” An officer responded “but did not find any disturbances.”
  • Jorge Humberto Vargas, 53, 407 Third St., Perry, was arrested on a charge of first-offense OWI.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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