Perry Police Report Aug. 9


August 7, 2017

  • A caller said she was concerned about someone “driving her 18-year-old daughter around.” The caller asked whether the driver “has a warrant, also is he is able to drive. He constantly brags about how he is always evading the police, and she finds that strange.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “his son was bitten by a dog.” The caller said “he is going to be taking his son to the doctor today and will file a report.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “a guy had been hit by a bike.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “the flowers in the window box appeared to be smashed down.” The caller said she “believe someone maybe tried peeking in her window.” An officer responded.
  • A caller reported “receiving harassing phone calls.” An officer responded.

August 8, 2017

  • A caller said he “had no place to stay at for the night as well as no transportation to get to Johnston.” An officer responded and made contact with the Perry Ministerial Association, which provided “a room for the night.”
  • Michael Trevor Riggen, 48, 2023 Willis Ave., #111, Perry, was arrested on a charge of third-offense public intoxication.
  • Ashlyn Kay Thompson of 1202 Paul St. was issued a citation for first-offense dog at large.
  • A caller said her employee “failed to report for work.” The caller said the employee “is alike a daughter to her, but she received a Facebook message saying she was moving out of state” and asking the employer “not to call her.” The caller asked for a welfare check. An officer responded and made contact with the employee, who “said she will be moving to Mexico.” The employee was “okay.”
  • A caller said “someone had taken his cell phone out of his car.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “a male had come into her house last night, saying he was from DirectTV.” The caller said “she gave the company a call,” and “they advised her it was a scam and to not allow him in the house, or she could simply call the police.” An officer responded and told the caller “that is it occurs again, to give us a call as soon as he was there.”
  • A caller reported “a vehicle that was driving on the wrong side of the road, and it made her run into the tree.” An officer responded.
  • A woman entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and said she “found a cell phone outside of the Altoona theater.” The caller said she “made contact with the owners of it, and they were on their way to pick up the cell phone at the Perry Police Department.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said she “caught a chicken and did not know what to do with it.” An officer responded and returned the chicken to its owner.
  • A caller said someone “was trying to kill herself.” Officers responded and made contact with someone who said the unhappy person “made no threats to hurt herself tonight but was upset because she had no job and needed to find a new place to live.”
  • A caller said a customer was “being rude and was asked to leave,” but the customer “refused.” Officers responded.

August 9, 2017

  • A caller said “he and his wife are hearing a high-pitched noise in their house” but cannot determine its cause. An officer responded and found “a hearing-assistance device on the dinner table that had the headphones too close to the microphone and was causing the noise.”
  • A caller “said that the had information about his ex being an unfit mother.” The caller said “he received picture messages from someone showing his son’s mother buying beer at” a local retail store “instead of taking care of their child.” The caller said the child’s mother “was going to have charges filed for stalking and harassment.” An officer responded.
  • Jensen Lee Kragel, 23, 106 S.W. Linden St., #2B1, Ankeny, was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under suspension.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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