Perry Police Report Dec. 6


December 2, 2017

  • A caller “reported two horses too close to the road.” Officers responded and found the “horses were tied in the property.”
  • A caller said “he is missing a few items from his storage unit.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said her two dogs were lost. The caller later called and said her two dogs were found.
  • A man entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and “said his gun is missing from his gun case.” An officer responded and learned the man’s house “had been broken into approximately seven to eight months ago,” but he noticed the weapon “was missing today.”
  • A caller “reported dogs barking for the past three hours.” An officer responded.
  • Two juvenile females were issued citations for minor in possession of alcohol after they were detected shoplifting wine from a local retail store.
  • A caller “reported a hit-and-run accident.” An officer responded.

December 3, 2017

  • A caller said someone was “in the common area wearing nothing but a T-shirt.” Officers responded and found the semi-nudist “back in his apartment in bed.”
  • A caller said he caught a dog running at large. The caller called again and said he “located the owners a couple houses down from his.”
  • A caller said she needed an interpreter. Officers responded and learned, through a Crisis Intervention and Advocacy interpreter, that the caller’s “husband had left the residence and is presumed to not be returning.” The caller was “concerned he has a key and wanted to get back in.” The officers “advised her to contact the landlord and request locks get changed.”
  • A caller said “there is a black dog with no food or water and keeps barking.” An officer responded and “observed the dog to have both food and water.”
  • Alexa Lopez of 1605 Third St., Perry, was issued a citation for failure to stop at a stop sign and violation of a permit.

December 4, 2017

  • A caller reported “yelling and slamming doors from the couple next door.” Officers responded, made contact with the couple and directed them “to keep their disagreements civil and their voices down.”
  • A caller reported a suspicious person “walking around with a golf club.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said someone was “talking about committing suicide.” Officers responded and made contact with the suicidal person, who “refused to open the front door” but said “he was fine and had no thoughts of suicide.”
  • A caller reported “sparks going off around the Angus Curve on a light post.” Alliant Energy and the Boone County Sheriff’s office were notified.
  • A caller said a dumpster “had blown to the east side of the alley way and was making its way to Second Street.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said her “husband is being violent, and she wants him gone.” Officers responded. The couple “agreed to go to separate rooms in their apartment and leave each other alone.”

December 5, 2017

  • Officers of the Perry Police Department conducted a funeral escort.
  • A caller said “her neighbors were using her computer.” The caller “said that when she logged on she can see that there is someone else using it.” An officer responded.
  • A man entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and “said that his wife was very angry right now,” and “she doesn’t want him or the kids at the house right now.” The man said “he wants to go and get his things and move out.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “her sister found an injured baby owl in the middle of the roadway near the high school golf practice range.” The caller said “she pushed the owl off the road with a broom but is concerned it will go back in the road.” An officer responded and found the “owl was in poor condition” and “moved it into the tree line.” The Humane Society of Perry was notified.

December 6, 2017

  • Garrett Pace Lane, 22, 1324 Ninth St., Perry, was arrested on a charge of driving under suspension.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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