Perry Police Report Dec. 4


December 3, 2018

  • A woman entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and said “someone has hacked into her husband’s Facebook account and has been messaging her through Messenger, threatening to publicize indecent photos of her.” The woman said “the person has changed her husband’s password so he can no longer log in” and has sent the woman “pictures of her without clothes, telling her to send videos of herself now.” An officer responded and with the help of a translator advised the woman “to have her husband retrieve a new password and shut down that account.” The officer also advised the woman “to report it to Facebook” and “call us in case the problems continue.”
  • A caller said she moved out of a residence, “leaving the washer and dryer behind,” and now “the homeowner is being difficult about arranging a time for her to get them.” An officer responded and informed the caller “this is a civil issue” but agreed to attempt to make contact with the property owner “to make arrangements.”
  • The Perry Police Department School Resource Officer called and said “he received reports of a 14-year-old male driving a truck” while “pulling another truck.” An officer responded and found a 15-year-old female “in violation of her driver’s permit.” The female was released to the custody of her parent, and the male “was transported back to the high school” by the School Resource Officer.
  • A caller requested a welfare check on someone whom she has not seen “in a few weeks,” but she detects “a bad odor coming from her apartment.” An officer responded and learned the person is fine and residing elsewhere.
  • A caller said “he got charged twice” by a faulty card reader at a local car wash. An officer responded.
  • A caller from Bagley said “he was receiving threatening messages through text messages.” The caller was advised “he needs to notify the Guthrie County Sheriff’s office in case he feels threatened at home, and deputies would be able to respond to his residence.”
  • Officers of the Perry Police Department served a no-trespass notice.
  • An officer of the Perry Police Department issued a citation for a school bus violation.
  • A caller said “her son saw a male trying to break into the old barbershop” that is “a few doors down from the current one.” Officers responded and made contact with a man who “was changing his socks.” The man “made comments about being suicidal and wanted to go to the hospital.” Officers transported the man to the Dallas County Hospital.
  • A caller said “her neighbors” have “a dog that is always barking.” Officers responded but did not find the barking dog.
  • The Dallas County Sheriff’s office requested backup for a deputy who was attempting to serve “civil papers” to someone who “was getting agitated.” Officers responded.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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