Perry Police Report Feb. 2


February 1, 2019

  • A caller reported “a car that was parked in his driveway that did not belong there.” Officers responded and made contact with the registered owner of the vehicle, who moved it.
  • A caller reported an abandoned bicycle “in his front yard” that “has been there for the last couple of weeks.” An officer responded and “placed the bike in the bike shed.”
  • An officer of the Perry Police Department conducted a funeral escort.
  • A caller said a “student is refusing to go to school.” The Perry Police Department School Resource Officer responded.
  • A caller said a “door-to-door salesman sold her a health insurance policy to cover things not covered by Medicare.” The caller said “she went to process a claim and called the company,” and the company told her “there isn’t such a policy, and she doesn’t have an account with them.” The caller “was confused.” An officer responded.
  • An officer of the Perry Police Department reported “one of the patrol vehicles had been involved in an accident.” There were no injuries. A Dallas County Deputy Sheriff “responded and took an accident report.”
  • A caller “called 911 by accident via his watch. All was okay.”
  • A caller said “he destroyed property at the residence he’s staying at and locked all the doors.” The caller said the “staff is outside because they felt unsafe.” The caller said he “is not intoxicated, and he doesn’t have weapons but says he is sorry for losing his temper, and he realizes what he did is not good.” Officers responded and “spoke with” the caller “about his temper and asked him to call us next time he starts to get upset to prevent him from destroying items in the house.” The “supervisor asked for the officers to stand by while they had” the caller “take his medications.”

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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