Perry Police Report July 10


July 9, 2016

  • A caller said she manages “a trailer that subjects have moved out of, and there appears to be someone in the trailer, but they will not answer the door.” She said the occupants “had been evicted, and no one should be there.” Officers responded and made contact with the occupant, who said he was house sitting for his out-of-town relative. The occupant said he knew nothing about any eviction proceedings. He noted all his relative’s “property was still in the residence.” The trailer manager said she “was not certain on the progress of the eviction,” and she “could not produce any paperwork stating the residence should be vacant.” The officers told the trailer manager she “needed to get paperwork in order to prove eviction. Otherwise,” the occupant “was okay to be there.”
  • A caller said a washing machine at a local laundromat would not shut off. She said the machine “has been running for at least a half-hour longer than it should.” An officer responded and tried to contact the laundromat owner. The owner later called and said “he had removed the blankets from the machine,” by which time the caller “had left as her son had a soccer game.”
  • A caller said “it sounded like someone was beating each other up next door.” The caller said he was in Boone. An officer responded and transferred the call to the Boone Police Department.
  • A caller said unauthorized trash was dumped in her dumpster. She said her dumpster was full and would not be emptied until Friday. An officer responded and found the dumpster was not full. The caller became “upset” because the officer would “go to an address on a piece of mail she found from 1969 as she dug through the trash.” The caller “also ‘went off’ about not trusting the police.” The officer told the caller to “have a good day” and promised to make contact with anyone he saw making unauthorized use of the caller’s dumpster.
  • A caller said there were people in a nearby house, “and there should not be anyone in there.” An officer responded.

July 10, 2016

  • Tommy Lee Holmes, 69, 2010 16th St., Perry, was arrested on a charge of first-offense OWI.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


  1. I like reading the police reports because it shows how many nosy, ignorant people live in this town. Evidently, if you fart and don’t say, “Excuse me,” someone will call the PD and want it investigated. No wonder we have such a large force. You need one to investigate mail from 1969 in a dumpster. Please give the officers a stack of Mid-Iowa Mental Health cards to hand out on some of these ridiculous calls!


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