Perry Police Report July 16


July 14, 2017

  • A caller said “her neighbor has two large dogs that they allow to run loose and defecate in her yard along with her neighbors’.” The caller said “she had put it back into the dog owner’s yard to no avail,” and “another neighbor has written them about the dogs running loose, also without response.” An officer responded to “advise the dog owners about the city’s leash laws and dogs running at large.”
  • Two incomplete 911 calls were received from the Perry Public Library. An officer responded “to be sure everything was all right,” and it was.
  • A caller requested that an officer of the Perry Police Department “stand by while he evicts a tenant.” An officer responded and stood by.
  • A woman entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and “requested a no-trespass order be served.” An officer responded.
  • Alexis Antoinette Singletary, 18, 1115 W. Eighth St., Perry, was arrested on a charge of domestic abuse-simple assault.
  • A caller said “when she got home, four teens were hanging out in her yard.” The caller said “when she asked them to leave, they didn’t,” but when she “told the teens she was calling the police, the kids left.” An officer responded but did not find the loitering teens. The officer advised the caller “what to do if the problem continues.”
  • A caller from a local gas station said a customer “had pre-paid $40 in gas,” and now the man is “stating the he only pumped $31 in gas.” The caller said “she doesn’t show a refund on her screen, and the male is getting very mad and causing issues in the store.” Officers responded and found the customer “paid with a credit card,” and the gas station “would not be able to refund the difference.” The unhappy customer was advised “to call the corporate office and file a complaint.”

July 15, 2017

  • A caller said “a male dressed all in black was going through vehicles.” Officers responded and “located a subject on foot,” but “were not able to make contact before the subject disappeared.” A person on a bicycle was questioned, but he “denied any involvement.”
  • A caller said “a customer was in the store, complaining because a dog was locked in a vehicle in the parking lot.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “her husband had some tools stolen out of the tool box that is in the back of his truck.” The caller said “the toolbox was locked, and someone broke the lock on it.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “her mother’s purse was stolen from their vehicle sometimes overnight.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said his neighbor’s dog “has been barking all morning.” An officer responded and found “all quiet.”
  • A woman entered the offices of the Perry Police Department at 908 Willis Ave. and said “she was just assaulted.” An officer responded.
  • An incomplete 911 call was received.
  • A caller said “she caught a stray kitten.” An officer responded and transported the animal to the Perry Animal Holding Facility.
  • A caller reported “someone setting off fireworks.” An officer responded and found “the area all quiet.”

July 16, 2017

  • A caller from a local tavern said “she just kicked out a female who is very intoxicated.” The caller said “the female is leaving with a male who is also intoxicated.” An officer responded.
  • A caller reported “an older male in a white van that was acting suspicious.” An officer responded but did not find the person or the van.
  • A caller said “she is receiving harassing phone calls and text messages” from someone, and “she doesn’t want contact with him anymore.” An officer responded, made contact with the harasser and told him not to contact the caller anymore “or harassment charges could be filed.”

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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