Perry Police Report March 12


March 11, 2019

  • The Perry Police Department School Resource Office taught a DARE class at the Perry Elementary School.
  • A caller said someone was “trapped in a bay” at a local car wash. Contact was made with the car wash owner, who said “they were going to send someone out.”
  • A caller said “her brother sold some beats to a male from Perry.” An officer responded.
  • The Perry Police Department School Resource Office taught a DARE class at St. Patrick School.
  • A caller said her dog was lost. The caller called again and said her dog was found.
  • A caller said “she could see a person was on the water tower across from her residence and was concerned.” An officer responded and made contact with the Perry Water Works, which “verified everything was okay.”
  • A caller said someone “is harassing him.” An officer responded and made contact with the harasser, who was told “if he continued this behavior, he could be charged with harassment.” The harasser “agreed to stop contacting” the caller.
  • A caller said “some males came into the house and worked on the computer, and she doesn’t know why they were there or who they were.” An officer responded and determined the caller “may have been targeted in a phone scam.”
  • A caller said “he believes” someone “hacked into his girlfriend’s social media pages as she can no longer log in to any of them.” An officer responded and told the caller “it would be difficult to prove” who “was the person who accessed the social media accounts and changed things.” The officer advised the caller to “have the account deleted and create a new account.”
  • A caller said “the bottom of his truck was damaged by a pothole.” An officer responded, located the pothole and determined “it was large enough to cause concern.” The Perry Public Works Department was notified.
  • A caller said “her 11-year-old son was angry and began throwing things.” The caller said “his sibling found him trying to tie a string around his neck.” Officers responded, and the child was transported to the Dallas County Hospital “for a mental health evaluation.”
  • A caller reported seeing a suspicious man who “looked poorly dressed” and “seemed he was going to jump in front of her vehicle.” An officer responded and made contact with the man, who said “he was just jogging from his mother’s house.”
  • A caller said “he has water running into his apartment from his upstairs neighbor’s apartment, and he can’t get a hold of anybody.” An officer responded.

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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