Perry Police Report March 13


March 12, 2019

  • A caller “requested assistance unlocking” her vehicle. The caller said “she is not sure how it happened,” but “a 2-year-old child is in the car.” The dispatched “could hear the child crying.” An officer responded and unlocked the vehicle. The “child was okay.”
  • A caller from the Dallas County Hospital “requested an officer or two respond” for “a helicopter landing for showing.” Officers responded, but “the showing was cancelled due to freezing rain.”
  • A caller said “he just passed a person in a scooter going east on Iowa Highway 141 in the eastbound lane.” An officer responded but did not find the scooter.
  • A caller said a motorist “appeared to be falling asleep at the wheel.” An officer responded but did not find the vehicle.
  • A caller requested a welfare check on someone due to “a posting on Facebook” to “the effect that ‘Now is a good time to kill herself. She tried it before.'” An officer reponded.
  • A caller said “she received information of fraud activity done on an elderly female.” An officer responded.
  • Ronald Sexton, 34, 1925 Evelyn St., Perry, was arrested on a Polk County warrent for failure to appear on an orginal charge of driving while license denied, suspended, canceled or revoked.
  • Scotty Lee Hays, 28, 1408 W. Second St., #310, Perry, was arrested on charges of violation of a protective order and second-offense public intoxication.
  • A caller said “a female wearing pajama pants” had “just shoved her child into a shopping cart” at a local retail store. An officer responded.
  • A caller “requested to speak to an officer about a matter,” but he “did not want to elaborate what it was about.”
  • A caller said “he spoke to a lady who said she was with Social Security, and they would be able to give him more Social Security money as long as he gave her” his “Social Security number, credit card number, bank account information, both his parents’ full names and other personal information.” The caller said he gave the lady the information. The caller was informed it was a phone scam and “to cancel his credit card as soon as possible.” An officer responded.
  • Dominique Anastasia Nicole Edwards, 21, 290 Iowa St., #12, Perry, was arrested on a charge of violation of a no-trespass order.
  • A caller said his neighbors “were doing construction at this hour.” An officer responded and “made contact with the workers,” who “said they were in the process of cleaning up and leaving.”
  • A caller said “there was a tree limb completely blocking the roadway.” An officer responded, and the Perry Public Works Department was notified.
  • A caller reported seeing “a suspicious man” standing “near the pop machine.” An officer responded and made contact with the man, who said he was “waiting for a ride and getting a pop at the pop machine.”

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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