Perry Police Report Oct. 10


October 9, 2017

  • A caller said she caught a kitten running at large. Animal Control was notified, but Animal Control said “there isn’t room in the pound for cats.” The caller called again and said “someone has taken the kitten.”
  • A wireless 911 caller said “the county is looking for her estranged husband to serve him with a no-contact order.” The caller said “she saw his vehicle in Bagley.” The Dallas County Sheriff’s office was notified “as they are the ones trying to serve him.”
  • A caller said his dog was lost.
  • A caller “called to report a burglary.” The caller said “someone came into the house and rummaged through cabinets.” An officer responded.
  • A caller asked whether “there is anything that can be done about two dogs that are not being fed and kept in an abandoned house.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “someone exchanged her dentures for a larger pair.” The caller said “possibly they entered through the window.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “there was a dog that seemed like he was about to jump out of a window.” An officer responded.
  • A caller said “his mother’s garage was broken into” and “ransacked.” An officer responded and found the “garage and house were broken into” and found “nothing missing at this time.”
  • Donald Escalante of 1312 10th St. was issued a first-offense warning for open burning.
  • A caller said he saw four suspicious males in a vehicle. An officer responded but did not find anyone suspicious.
  • A caller said two dogs were running at large. An officer responded but did not find the loose dogs.
  • A caller said “he was kicked out and has nowhere to stay. An officer responded but got “no answer at the door” and found “no one in the area.”

*A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


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