Perry Soccer Complex receives shade tree plantation


The Perry Soccer Complex received a new shade tree plantation last week when staff members of the the Perry Parks and Recreation Department took advantage of the fine weather to transplant about 25 birch trees from the city nursery to the soccer fields.

Perry Parks and Recreation Director John Anderson said the 15- to 20-foot birch trees started out three years ago as 12-inch saplings.  He said buying a 20-foot birch tree at a garden store or nursery would cost the city $600 to $1,000, so the city nursery, now estimated to be worth about $400,000, brings big savings to Perry.

Using the city’s tree spade, Perry Parks Supervisor Kevin Kanealy extracted the trees from the nursery and transported them to the soccer complex, where he, Anderson and Assistant Parks Supervisor Mike Peterson secured the trees by lashing them to stakes.

Anderson also said the city tree nursery will be valuable in the face of the oncoming threat of the invasive pest, the emerald ash borer.


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