Perry swimmers crush Algona, break records in first meet

PHS swimmer Quin Mahler-Moreno broke the school record Thursday in the 100 meter breaststroke with a time of 1:06.96, beating her pervious personal best time of 1:08.32. This new school record automatically qualifies Mahler-Moreno for the State Meet in November. Photo courtesy Jim Dowd

The hot and humid weather made for less-than-ideal conditions for swimming Thursday night when the Perry High School swim team hosted the Algona High School swim team at the McCreary Community Building, but the Bluejay swimmers overcame their Bulldog competitors 105 to 59, including nine first-place winners.

“It was an exciting night,” said Bluejay swimming coach Jean Dowd. “All of the girls exceeded our expectations.”

Among the Bluejay swimmers, Jenna Nelson had a personal best time in the 200 Individual Medley, dropping -4.40 seconds, and Madeline McDevitt had personal best time in the 100 Freestyle, dropping -1.16 seconds.

Quin Mahler-Moreno set a new school record in the 100 Breaststroke, going 1:06.96 and shaving about 1.5 seconds off her previous personal best time.

“We’ve never had a state qualifier in any event at the first meet of the season,” Dowd said. “This swim qualified her for the state swim meet in November.”

The Bluejays’ next meet is Tuesday, Aug 29, when they travel to Indianola.

Medley Relay
Lilly Riley, Quin Mahler-Moreno, Sophia McDevitt, Jenna Nelson, 2:03.96, 1st place

200 Freestyle
Emily Dowd, 2:25.58, 2nd place
Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:59.76, 1st place

200 Individual Medley
Addison Huntington, 2:47.96, 3rd place
Jenna Nelson, 2:47.65, 2nd place
Aleah Karolus, 2:42.91, 1st place

50 Freestyle
Lydia Nelson, 42.66, 6th place
Cali Hernandez, 36.71, 3rd place
Jazmine Johnson, 31.39, 2nd place

100 Butterfly
Jazmine Johnson, 1:29.62, 3rd place
Sophia McDevitt, 1:05.01, 1st place

100 Freestyle
Lydia Nelsen, 1:37.05, 6th place
Madeline McDevitt, 1:10.13, 3rd place
Aleah Karolus, 1:02.22, 2nd place

500 Freestyle
Emily Dowd, 6:31.66, 2nd place
Lilly Riley, 6:13.31, 1st place

200 Freestyle Relay
Jenna Nelson, Cali Hernandez, Addison Huntington, Emily Dowd, 2:06.29, 3rd place
Aleah Karolus, Lilly Riley, Sophia McDevitt, Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:50.18, 1st place

100 Backstroke
Madeline McDevitt, 1:22.36, 3rd place
Sophia McDevitt, 1:11.13, 1st place

100 Breaststroke
Addison Huntington, 1:23.89, 2nd place
Quin Mahler-Moreno, 1:06.96, 1st place, beating her pervious personal best time of 1:08.32. This new school record automatically qualifies her for the State Meet in Nov.

400 Freestyle Relay
Madeline McDevitt, Lydia Nelsen, Cali Hernandez, Jazmine Johnson, 5:27.25, 2nd place
Lilly Riley, Emily Dowd, Jenna Nelson, Aleah Karolus, 4:27.90, 1st place


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