Perry swimmers leave Glidden in their wake to finish season 7-2

Connor Nielsen competes in the 15-18 50-meter breaststroke earlier this season. Photo courtesy Jim Dowd.

The Perry Summer Swim Team finished their 2016 regular season with a splash by defeating Glidden, 417-11, at the MCB pool Tuesday.

A total of 39 swimmers either won individual events or a part of a winning relay team in the meet, with several of the youngest swimmers enjoying their most successful outing of the season.

Girls team members posting a perfect five wins included Sophia McDevitt (9-10), Jaylene Karolus (11-12) and Haileigh Kenyon and Haley Vaughn (both 15-18) while Garrett Winey (9-10), Cristopher Gonzalez (11-12), Chase Archer and Drew Storey (both 13-14) and Devon Archer (15-18) collected five wins apiece for the boys squad.

Maddie McDevitt (8U) and Addison Huntington (9-10) both had four wins for the Perry girls, with Aleah Karolus winning three times. Double-victories went to Dessie Castillo and Sara Prombo (both 8U), Lily Riley (9-10), Abby Herman, Avery Miner, Dannah Karolus and Sarah Vaughn (all 13-14) and Stephanie Hill and Breanna Penenger (both 15-18).

Emily Dowd, Quin Mahler and Hailey Greiner, all from the 9-10 age group, aided Perry’s cause with single wins.

Kane Mahler-Moreno (8U) and Ethan Winey (15-18) were quadruple victors for the boys team, with Josh Prombo and Thad Stewart (both 9-10), Brady Herman (11-12) and Connor Nielsen (15-18) all collecting triple wins.

Boomer Deardorff, Owen Royer and Townes Wilson (all 8U), Wesley Royer (9-10), Marcus Nelsen and Sam Ridnour (both 11-12), Riese Archer and Andrew Dowd (both 13-14) and Alex Thompson (15-18) comprised the list of double-victors for the boys.

Perry will compete Saturday at the IWSC meet in Guthrie Center with the first event to enter the water at 11 a.m.

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