Perry teachers union pays off all students’ computer fines

Perry Education Association President Jenn Nelson, right, presented PCSD Technology Director Rich Nichols with a $1,500 check Monday that paid off all accrued computer fines for students in the school district. Nichols' coworker Ella, far right, approved with wagging tail. Photo courtesy PEA

In a gesture of union members’ solidarity with their “products,” the Perry Education Association (PEA) Monday paid off all computer fines that had accrued to the Perry Community School District’s students in kindergarten through 12th grade, a sum totaling almost $1,500.

“We feel it is absolutely essential that students have access to their machines during this unprecedented time,” said PEA President Jenn Nelson, “and we know many families are struggling. We are happy to be able to help our students in this time of need.”

Nelson presented PCSD Technology Director Rich Nichols with the check that cleared the books at Perry High School.


  1. I hope the school would see its way to making a $1,500 “donation” to the teacher’s union. That $1,500 in fines doesn’t need to be sitting there accruing interest. I’m sure the union would not hold on to the money for long. All kidding aside, that was nice to do.


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