Perry teachers union raises funds to pay off kids’ tech fees

PHS freshman Alexa Nelson knows the academic value of up-to-date technology. Photo courtesy Perry Education Association

The Perry Education Association teacher’s union has established a GoFundMe page to help pay for the student computer fees for pre-kindergarten through 12th graders in the Perry Community School District.

“The fees currently total about $2,300,” the GoFundMe page reads, “and that number will only continue to rise. Our goal is to cover the current fees and establish a reserve fund that will be earmarked for future computer fees.”

Access to updated computers is critical for student success, according to the GoFundMe page, whether it is students in distance learning or students having to quarantine or onsite students using technology in the classroom. Students who owe back fees receive a loaner computer, which is often one of the older, slower and less reliable models. Once the fee is paid, the student’s regular machine is repaired and returned to the student.

“Every little bit helps!” the GoFundMe page says. “The school charges very low computer fees, much below the actual cost of the repair. But with over 1600 students in the district, these fees add up. This is something our community can do during this difficult time to help our students and their families.”


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