Perry third graders share interests, future dreams

tudents in Ms. Webb's and Ms. Shank's classes include, from left, Riley Sergent, Grant Tierney, Brooklyn Carter, Maya McDowell, Rachael Kares, Sebastian Robles, Itzel Hernandez, Thuyanh Lam, Abril Vaca, Emma Kenyon, Tristyn Steil, Erik Escobar, Cooper Thielen, Elias Cisneros, Angel Rios, Ray Woodall, Jaxon Smith, Angel Calderon, Ricky Ponce and Egan Leber.

Two Perry Middle School third grade classes, led by Terra Webb and Zoe Shank, have been sharing their interests in a series of class presentations, including last Friday’s hands-on experience of the Perry Volunteers Fire Department’s new pumper truck.

Third grader Sebastian Robles of Perry presented features of the pumper truck, which included the demonstration of a high-pressure fire hose in operation. Robles was assisted by Deputy Fire Chief Kevin McLaughlin.

Other topics presented in the ongoing series included magic, nuclear energy, switchboard operation, black holes, car frames, astronauts, Greek mythology, the Russian language, tornadoes and the space shuttle.

“This unit has been extremely fun for the kids,” said Webb. “They’ve all learned a lot from one another and seen how many interesting things there are all around them.”

Robles said he might join the Perry Volunteer Fire Department when he is older. McLaughlin said Robles would make a fine addition to the firefighting force.


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