Perry Water Works to reopen drive-through service June 28

The drive-through window at the Perry Water Works will reopen full time Monday, June 28.

In the latest sign of the community’s progress toward post-pandemic normality, the Perry Water Works will reopen its drive-through customer service window full time Monday, June 28, but a few new rules will apply.

“We want the drive-through to be safe and efficient,” said Water Works Superintendent Matt Holmes. “My biggest concern is how we had traffic stopped in both directions on Willis last April when we attempted this. This puts customer and citizen safety in jeopardy, which is not acceptable.”

In order to avoid long waits and to ensure that traffic keeps moving quickly through the drive through, the Water Works will no longer process credit cards or debit cards at the drive-through window, Holmes said. Card payments will only be accepted over the phone and through the Perry Water Works website.

In addition, drive-though customers will need to bring their water bills with them in order to pay in person, Holmes said. Customers without their bills slow down the drive-though process and increase the risk of errors. When the office is processing more than 50 drive-though customers an hour on busy days, even minor delays add up to long lines of backed-up traffic, he said.

Perry Water Works customers will receive a notification in their next billing of the changes at the drive-through window. Printed directions will also be available at the Water Works office that explain to customers how to use debit/credit cards for payments and how to print their own bills directly from the website.


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