Perry’s Doug Wood reaches the half-century mark

Doug Wood has been a fixture at Perry athletic contests as a PEGASUS TV-12 volunteer since December of 1996. He turns 50 today, and his friends at could not resist letting the public know!

Perry Lutheran Home assistant administrator, unquenchable PEGASUS-TV 12 volunteer, ubiquitous presence at ribbon-cuttings and long-time devotee of church dinners Doug Wood has reached a milestone: his 50th birthday.

Wood — known among friends as much for his passion for vanilla shakes, his insistence that the old tan-colored M&M’s had a different taste than the other colors and his staunch conservative outlook as for the metaphysical pleasure he receives from complimentary beverages — said, in his usual effusive style, that his 50th birthday meant “I am now 50 years old.”

The sartorially eloquent Wood has videotaped Perry athletics, community meetings and events and a host of other activities and gatherings since December of 1996. He continues to deny rumors that an entire storage locker somewhere in the community is packed, floor to ceiling, with thousands of hermetically sealed copies of each event he has taped.

We encourage those who know Doug to leave comments and wishes for him … to sign, as it were, this birthday card for our dear friend.


  1. Happy Birthday, Doug, When are you having another milk tasting between the two dominant companies? I still say AE is the best….Pat and Nancy

  2. Dear Mr. Wood,

    I would love to hear an update on your opinion about the way people in Perry speak v.s. the way people in Vinton speak. It was quite informative.

    Audio Bob

  3. Happy birthday, friend Doug. Thanks for being you. You make a difference. BTW~ Patrick and I haven’t had you for supper for quite a while. Tan M&M’s and vanilla shakes sound ok? Personally, I think the brown ones taste different. LOL 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Doug, when I turned 50 I started to notice how so many medical warnings were for people 50 and older. Like you wake up on your 50th birthday and you suddenly have to watch out for heart issues, prostate issues, tooth disease, dry mouth, incontinence, issues they advertise on TV over and over and the list of maladies goes on. The good news for you is that your 10 years away from what us 60 year olds have to endure!


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