PGCC ladies golf leagues raise 100 Year Flag Wednesday

Flagpole was a generous gift from the family of Lois Worrell.

Margie Worrell, whose mother, Lois Worrell, was a friend and mentor to many lady golfers at the PGCC, celebrated her mother's memory and the 100th anniversary of the PGCC Wednesday with a ceremonial flag raising.

The ladies golf leagues of the Perry Golf and Country Club (PGCC) raised a 100 Year Flag Wednesday morning to commemorate last year’s 100th anniversary of the PGCC.

The custom-made flag was purchased last year, and the late Lois Worrell remembered the club with a generous gift, which her family decided to use in part to purchase the flagpole on which to fly the flag.

A plaque in memory of Lois Worrell will be added soon, but the members took the opportunity Wednesday to fondly remember their friend and mentor.

Lois was a member of the PGCC for more than 70 years! She was very active at the club, either on the course or playing bridge, and she rarely missed dining there on Friday nights.

As a golfer, Lois was a mentor to many of the players in the Wednesday morning group that helped raise the flag. She taught the younger ladies not only the rules of golf but also golf etiquette.

Lois’ daughter, Margie Worrell, was joined by a dozen of her fellow Wednesday morning golfers for the flag raising. With Margie were Martha Stracke, Sue Roush, Lois Hoger, Vicki Lage, Pat McPherson, Sue Leslie, Lori Seeley, Lorali Fagen, Cindy Sohn, Patty Boyle and Denise Niebuhr.

Many fond memories of the club were shared, including Ella Pennington’s hole-in-one in the 1980s during a couple’s tournament, which made it pretty expensive when they got in the Clubhouse.

The ladies of the PGCC Wednesday morning golf group who raised the flag were, front row from left, Martha Stracke, Sue Roush, Lois Hoger, Vicki Lage and Pat McPherson; back row from left, Sue Leslie,Lori Seeley, Lorali Fagen, Cindy Sohn, Patty Boyle, Denise Niebuhr and Margie Worrell.

Sandy Pennington shared her memories of being stuck in the “playpen” as a child. The “playpen” was a fenced in area just west of the seventh green, where the cart sheds now sit. It was just a fenced-in area with a sandbox and swings, where parents would leave their kids to play while they played golf.

Sandy remembers staring wistfully through the fence, waiting for her folks to come up number seven so they could get out.

Other ladies remembered hole number three, the “creek hole,” and having to hit across the creek on your drive and the big tree that stood in your way. Doris Henson said that once when they played Lori Seeley and her partner, Lori asked if Doris and her partner, Lois Peters, didn’t get bored always being in the fairway while Lori and partner “toured the course.”

Memories of golf invitationals — both local and away — were also shared as a fun way to play other courses and meet other golfers. The ladies’ locker room in the lower level was remembered as a really nice place, with showers and a place to keep your clubs, and Sandy remembered when they used to eat in the bar down there. Opening dances and stagettes were fondly remembered as well.

With the 100 Year Flag furling in the cloudy sky, the lady golfers of the PGCC looked forward to the next 100 years of shared memories.

Lady golfers shared memories over coffee in September 2015, including, from left, Midge Haws, Sherry Hill, Cindy Sohn, Lori Seeley, Sandy Pennington, Doris Henson, Ella Pennington, Sue Leslie, Vicki Lage, Sue Rausch, Juda Saemisch, Vicki Klein and Lorali Fagen. The Perry Golf and Country Club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016, and the ladies golf leagues raised a 100 Year Flag this week.


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