PHS takes honors in Technology Student Association contests

Members of the Perry High School Technology Student Association are, front row from left, Sadee Whitfield, T. J. Sheehy, Natalie Haynes, Patience Galivan, Malachi Meri and Daniel Brinton; back row from left, Riley Olsen, Dalton Timmons, Jacob Quijas, Zak Olsen, Kaitlyn Barr, Brian Amaya, Taylor Patrick, Emilio Gonzalez, Jairo Murillo, Angel Escobar, Luke Pfau, David Santacruz, Alexis Garrido, Joshua Perea and Anthony Aragon. Photo courtesy Perry Community School District

Iowa TSA logoPerry High School’s entries in the 2016 Iowa State Technology Student Association (TSA) performed well in several categories at the April 11 spring state conference at Adventureland Resort in Altoona.

The TSA is a national, non-profit organization of middle and high school students who have a strong interest in technology. TSA was chartered in 1978, and more than 2,000,000 students have participated in its program.

PHS winners at the spring state conference were:

  • David Santacruz – First Place, Flight Endurance
  • Devin Patrick and Angel Escobar – First Place, Technology Problem Solving
  • David Santacruz – Second Place, Dragster Design
  • T. J. Sheehy, Anthony Aragon and Angel Escobar – Second Place, Radio Controlled Transportation
  • Emilio Gonzalez – Third Place, Dragster Design
  • Devin Patrick – Fourth Place, Flight Endurance
  • Angel Escobar – Fourth Place, Dragster Design (CO2 car)

According to the nationwide group’s mission statement, the Technology Student Association “fosters personal growth, leadership and opportunities in science, technology, engineering
and mathematics (STEM).”

TSA students “believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation and processes of industry,” and they “accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence,” according to the TSA creed.



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