Police seek masked man who robbed Bouton Ampride Sunday

Dallas County Deputy Sheriffs and the Iowa State Patrol investigated the scene of a robbery Sunday night at the Ampride gas station near Bouton. A masked man dressed all in black is sought.

Law enforcement is seeking a masked man who robbed the Ampride gas station at 13780 N Ave. near Boutin about 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

Details of the crime are sketchy at this hour. A man dressed all in black and wearing a mask robbed the store and fled southward on foot. It is unknown whether the robber had a vehicle.

A Dallas County Sheriff’s patrol vehicle was seen sweeping the fields along Iowa Highway 141 with a floodlight shortly after the incident.

Other deputy sheriffs were reportedly collected fingerprint evidence at the scene.

The Iowa State Patrol also responded, and the Boone County Sheriff’s office was en route to the incident about midnight.

ThePerryNews.com will update this story as information becomes available.


  1. It’s pretty remote out there. There are a lot of easy sideroads to take to get away, too. The culprit could have absquatulated in any direction. The place is an easy mark.


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