Racial taunts chanted at Indiana prep game

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump views on immigration were used, in an apparent copycat incident, to make racially charged chants at a recent prep game in Indiana.

The chanting of “Trump! Trump!” directed at Perry boys basketball players by a few DC-G students during their Feb. 22 District 15 Final in Adel has apparently inspired copy cat students at a northwest Indiana high school.

Quickly quelled by DC-G school officials, the chant, using the name of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, received national media attention and was the leading topic on Facebook Feb. 26.

DC-G student leaders met with their Perry counterparts three days later to apologize for the acts of a small number of their classmates. The meeting was widely hailed as a step toward better understanding between the schools and has served to heal any hard feelings.

It appears the lesson has not been learned in Indiana, as this video shows.



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