Radio traffic explodes with fireworks complaints Friday

The tranquility of many vets and pets is willingly sacrificed for the sake of fireworks freedom in the Perry area.

Jake Chapman

“After many years of work on the fireworks bill, today freedom prevails!” Iowa Sen. Jake Chapman said April 18, 2017, after the Iowa Legislature legalized the sale of fireworks in the state. Chapman, also a staunch defenders of arms bearing, led the charge for fireworks in Iowa.

But fireworks freedom isn’t free. Our vets and our pets pay.

Public safety radio traffic in Perry and Dallas County received a constant stream of fireworks complaints Friday evening as holiday thrill seekers joyfully sacrificed the tranquility of some military veterans and sensitive house pets for the sake of their patriotic pleasures.

But just as guns don’t kill people, so fireworks don’t trigger PTSD in veterans, but our threadbare system for treating the mentally ill is to blame, Chapman said.

“The issue is that our vets come home and don’t get the care they need and deserve to cope with the trauma of war,” he said on Facebook. “They need help to deal with PTSD triggers they experience every day! They don’t need us to ban Fireworks, they need access to treatment and care!”

According to Perry city ordinance, fireworks are allowed inside the city limits of Perry only on the Fourth of July from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. The Friday night explosions are illegal, but they appear to exceed law enforcement’s powers of enforcing the law.

The Perry City Hall reminded residents earlier this week that fireworks may only be used on your own property or on someone else’s property, if you have permission. Fireworks are never allowed on public property, such as parks, streets or sidewalks.

Because the noise and lights of fireworks can often have an adverse effect on some people and animals, fireworks users should warn their neighbors in advance so they can prepare themselves and their pets.

Fireworks are asked to clean up any mess and debris that their fireworks produce, particularly residue that lands on someone else’s property.

Fireworks may only be used by persons over 18 years of age. Children and people under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not handle fireworks. Do not use fireworks around dry grass, dry brush or any flammable items because these could catch fire. Water down spent fireworks before disposing of them.


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