Redfield bank robber confesses to July heist in Casey


A West Des Moines man arrested Monday for a Redfield bank robbery has confessed to a July 21 bank robbery in casey.

Shawn Michael Antisdel, 38, of West Des Moines was arrested by the Dallas County Sheriff’s office in the 30000 block of I Avenue about noon following the bank robbery in Redfield.

A citizen alerted a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff to the possible suspect vehicle and direction of travel, and the citizen gave a description of the driver. Antisdel was taken into custody without incident following a traffic stop.

Antisdel was previously a suspect in the Guthrie County bank robbery last month, according to law enforcement.¬†Authorities from the Guthrie County Sheriff’s office met with Antisdel after his arrest and secured a confession from him regarding his involvement with the Casey bank robbery.

Antisdel is currently charged with second-degree robbery in the Redfield crime, but more charges are expected, according to the Guthrie County Sheriff’s office.

The suspect is being held at the Dallas County Jail on $10,000 bond.


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