Retail mainstay Ben’s Five and Dime receives new look

Owner Jay Pattee looks at some of the area of Ben's Five and Dime that will receive new carpeting.

Ben’s Five and Dime at 1221 Second St. in Perry received the next stage in an ongoing refit project when more than 110 yards of new carpeting was installed overnight Wednesday.

Longtime fixtures in the downtown business and civic community, Ben’s owners Jan and Jay Pattee said the store will host a grand re-opening later this month. As part of the celebration, the front counter was recently upgraded and moved, and the new carpeting is another fresh look for the business.

Paul Clark was serving as chief installer, with Aaron Stammer of Perry Paint and Design on hand to assist when dropped by about 10 p.m. to check on progress. A coating of epoxy/glue had been meticulously laid on the sub-floor, with carefully measured and cut sections of carpet laid in a precise manner.

Look for more about the store and Jay and Jan in the coming days on



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