Retired school personnel compared to memorable well diggers

Gathering Thursday for the annual We Don’t Have To Go Back To School brunch are, from top left, Sharon Ulrich, Becky Rueter, Paula Allen , Joyce Franklin, Jackie Kroegh, Sue Kimpston, Laura McCord. Next row: Donna Emmert, Connie Sheehy, Cindy Jafvert Next Row: Peg Fagen, Barb Chevalier, Diane Jones, Next Row: Nancy Gardiner, Cathy Clark Next Row: Sandy Eaton, Jan Smith, Nancy Geiken, Lori Seeley, Barb Burket, Ardy Estrem Next Row: Sonja Sturtz, Jackie Landon, Margie Worrell, Charlene Beeson, Marilyn Lynch, Cathy Peterson, Jolene Niemeyer, Shirley Ehlers, Pat Muncy, Kathy Miner, Marlene Johnson, Judy Boorn, Kay Adair, Sue Leslie, Deb Wicks and Rose Anderson.

The annual We Don’t Have To Go Back To School brunch was held Thursday and drew 38 former school personnel to reconnect and celebrate their retirements.

Clark Wicks, superintendent of the Perry school system, was the guest speaker, addressing the challenges posed to education by recent legislation.

Wicks likened the retired teachers and school staff members to the well diggers in the quote, “When you drink from the well, remember the well diggers,” and he encouraged them to tell their stories as school personnel and to get involved in the public schools.

The superintendent mentioned some ways to show Perry Pride, such as by participating in the Homecoming parade on Sept. 21, attending school board meetings, voting in the upcoming school board election and joining the elementary students in reading together every Wednesday from 11 a.m. until noon.

Retired teacher Sue Leslie shared a teaching story about Florence Heck, one of the founders of the Dallas County Area Retired School Personnel Association, who passed away July 8. Several other members also shared stories of their association with Florence.

At the end of the gathering, a group picture was taken, and attendees received a gift bag from Perry merchants.


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