Rotarians donate $2,500 to Dallas Center Public Library project

Celebrating the Dallas Center Rotary Club's donation to the Dallas Center Public Library are, from left, John Mortimer, Melissa Burdick, Shelly Cory Shivvers, Kate Sheets, Chuck Fagen, Bob King, Sharol Williams and Tom Barrett. Zoom participants include, from top left, Ben Rouse, Tyler Lyon, Laura Leighton-Harris, Ralph Brown, Matt Simpson, Mary Ireland and Tim Short. Photo by Rotarian Kelly Broderick

Representatives of the Dallas Center Rotary Club presented a $2,500 donation Wednesday to Dallas Center Public Library Director Shelly Cory Shivvers to help provide interior furnishings for library addition now under construction.

Several Rotarians have also contributed personal pledges and donations totaling about $80,000 to help support the library building project.

To celebrate the donation, eight club members joined Shivvers in person, and seven Rotarians attended via Zoom.

Shivvers reported that progress on the library exterior is moving along rapidly, with the east-side insulation, bricks and windows nearing completion. The west side is moving into the brick-installation phase, she said. Once the exterior is done, construction will begin on the interior.


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