Sanders garners more votes, fewer delegates in Perry-area caucuses

With seating prepared for 70, more than 150 people filled to overflowing the Perry Public Library community room Monday night for the Democrat precinct caucus. Bernie Sanders came away with the most votes in Perry-area voting, but he garnered fewer delegates than Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are running in a virtual dead heat statewide at this hour, with the race yet to be called, but results are in for Dallas County, where Democrat voters produced a more lopsided result, seeing Clinton capture 58 percent of delegates and Sanders 42 percent.

Perry-area results were nearer to the statewide numbers, with Clinton earning a total of 191 votes across the three Perry precincts and the Spring Valley-Dallas precinct and Sanders earning 192 votes.

In spite of Sanders’ higher vote total in the four Perry-area precincts, he garnered only seven of the 15 delegates up for grabs, while Clinton collected eight delegates in spite of receiving fewer votes. The tabulated results are as follows:

Precinct Attendance Clinton votes (delegates) Sanders votes (delegates)
Perry 1 114 55 (2) 59 (3)
Perry 2 89 57 (3) 32 (1)
Perry 3 120 47 (2) 73 (2)
Spring Valley-Dallas 61 32 (1) 28 (1)
Totals 384 191 (8) 192 (7)


Delegate apportionment is calculated by multiplying the number of votes by the number of total delegates. This product is then divided by the total precinct attendance, with the resulting number rounded up or down.

In the Perry 2 precinct, where Clinton earned 25 more votes than Sanders, the calculation after rounding apportioned her three delegates to Sanders’ one. In the Perry 3 precinct, by contrast, which showed a turnout 30 percent higher than that in Perry 2, Sanders earned 26 more votes than Clinton, but the calculation left him with two delegates to Clinton’s two.

The Perry 3 calculations proceeded in this way:

Clinton: 47 x 4 ÷ 120 = 1.56 (rounds up to 2)

Sanders: 73 x 4 ÷ 120 = 2.43 (rounds down to 2)

In this way, the totals for the three Perry precincts plus the Spring Valley-Dallas precinct yielded the anomalous result of the candidate with more votes getting fewer delegates.

Both seekers of the Democratic nomination could plausibly claim victory, and their speeches toward the end of the night reflected optimism and determination.

“What a night, an unbelievable night,” Clinton told her Iowa supporters. “What a great campaign. It is rare. It is rare what we have the opportunity to do now, to have a real contest of ideas, to really think hard about what the Democratic Party stands for.”

Sanders was similarly jubilant in his message to supporters across the state and the nation.

“When we started this campaign, almost everyone wrote us off,” Sanders said. “We were down 40 percent in the polls, and those were some of the good ones. They said our ideas were radical and that we could never compete with the big-money fundraising of Hillary Clinton and her super PACs. Well, you showed them tonight. Victory is within our reach. But winning will require the active participation of millions of Americans in every community across the country — nothing less than a political revolution.” will update this story when full results are available.



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