School district employees thanked in annual event Wednesday

Veteran Perry Elementary School first grade teacher Jenny Adair, center, receives the annual Educator of the Year Award from Perry Rotary Club President Dirk Cavanaugh, right, with PCSD Superintendent Clark Wicks sharing the joy.

Wednesday’s Perry Community School District Staff Appreciation Event featured a variety of honors, including career milestone awards for 43 employees and grateful acknowledgement of several retirees.

In addition, the Perry Rotary Club bestowed its annual Educator of the Year Award on veteran first grade teacher Jenny Adair, and a new Teamwork Award was inaugurated and awarded to the seven-person fourth grade teaching team at the Perry Elementary School.

Adair “is an exceptional teacher with a great command of instructional strategies and relationships,” said Perry Rotary Club President Dirk Cavanaugh, and she is “always willing to do the extra things, such as run an intervention for a student.” Adair is also a tireless worker at the concession stand at sporting events, he said.

Attaining career milestones were:

Five Years

  • Courtney Daniels
  • Lynn Daniels
  • Samuel Elliott
  • Kelsey Holland
  • Lurdes Ledesma
  • Chad Morman
  • John Riehl
  • Donna Schlenker

10 Years

  • Willard Brown
  • Aliesha Crowley
  • Rick Gates
  • Cory Hochstedler
  • Alicia Miranda-Oblea
  • Tennille Perez
  • Tracy Repp
  • Allyson Rigolle
  • Kevin Vidergar

15 Years

  • Richele Atkins
  • Cynthia Burkett
  • Pamela Faltonson
  • Katie Hardy
  • Matthew Hardy
  • Rebecca Hopkins
  • Nathan Krohn
  • Amy McCord
  • Heather Nelson
  • Jennifer Nelson
  • Torey Olson
  • Jessica Renken

20 Years

  • Jenny Adair
  • Lisa Christensen
  • Susan Cole
  • Anne Horgen
  • Brenda Mintun
  • Nicole Myers
  • Jodi Schuttler

25 Years

  • April Ballentine
  • Sara Locker
  • Lori Lohman
  • Gary Overla

30 Years

  • Rhonda Kanealy

35 Years

  • Joyce Scott
  • Phyllis Whitmer

Three district employees who are retiring this year were thanked for their service: Barbara Chevalier, retiring after 28 years in the district as a paraeducator at the Perry Middle School, Alicia Pineda after 11 years as a paraeducator at the Perry Elementary School and Richard Wilcox, a district bus driver for 12 years.

The Teamwork Award went to the team of Richele Atkins, Ali Crowley, Cory Hochstedler, Shannon Koch, Sara Locker, Elizabeth Marburger and Nicole Myers.


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