Series to shine light on Perry varsity sports

A new three-part series will shine a light on the current state of most varsity sports at Perry, and what it might take to improve them.

Players want to win. So do coaches. Cheerleaders. Administrators. Fans. Sportswriters. The community as a whole.

The ugly truth, one that should not be ignored, is that the 2018-2019 sports seasons for varsity teams at Perry were, in the most positive light, troubling, at least so far as wins and losses are concerned. If wins and losses were not the point, scores would not be kept.

The focus of a three-part series, “The troubled state of varsity sports at Perry,” will be on the three main team sports: football, basketball and baseball for the boys, and volleyball, basketball and softball for the girls. The first part will appear Wednesday, with the others to follow.

Perry was a combined 13-129 (.092) in the six “big” team sports last year. They were 0-60 in conference competition, with the boys becoming the first school statewide to finish without a single victory in any of the three sports in the same school year in at least the last five years.

What changes are needed? How should they be addressed? What can the community — and it will take the community — do to reverse course? Does it matter enough to the community at large and not just to the solid and steady supporters already working to improve the general state of affairs?

We hope you will join us for part one, “No quick fix for Perry varsity sports,” here at where We Tell It All.


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