Sesquicentennial committee wraps up business, lays future plans

Wrapping up business after last week's successful Perry Sesquicentennial Celebrations were planning committee members, from left, Sven Peterson, Hawn Wong, Misty Von Behren, Julie Scheib, Cheri Scheib, Cathy Clark, Courtney Ludwig, Shirley Ehlers, Andrea Brownlee, Lynsi Pasutti and Gene Peel.

The Perry Sesquicentennial Planning Committee held a recap meeting Tuesday at the Center for Town Craft, with congratulations shared for a successful three-day celebration.

Reports were received, and Lynsi Pasutti, executive director of the Perry Chamber of Commerce, which co-sponsored the event with the city of Perry, provided details on a number of matters.

On the fundraising efforts, some collectible t-shirts and commemorative coins remained unsold after to the events, and these will be available at the Friday Fest Aug. 2 in Pattee Park.

Suggestions were made for future events, such as a Railroad Street music fest.

Not all planning committee members were present at Tuesday’s meeting, but all were thanked for their efforts. Attending the noon meeting were Misty Von Behren, Andrea Brownlee, Jim Caufield, Cathy Clark, Shirley Ehlers, Courtney Ludwig, Lynsi Pasutti, Gene Peel, Sven Peterson, Cheri Scheib, Julie Scheib and Hawn Wong.


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