Sheets Galore—but no ‘More’—means brisk sales for thankful Minnesota man

Dale Hellickson of St. Cloud, Minn., owner of Sheets Galore, said the 320-mile drive to Perry was worth his while.

Last year the Friends of the Dallas County Hospital hosted a sales event by a company called Sheets Galore and More. The event was so successful the Friends decided to repeat it this year. In a year’s time, however, memories can fade a little, and this was a stroke of luck for Dale Hellickson of St. Cloud, Minn.

Hellickson, it turns out, runs a company called simply Sheets Galore. As he packed up his wares at the end of last week’s successful sale in the atrium of the Dallas County Hospital, he said he got a call about six months ago to arrange the sale.

“It must have been the Good Lord’s will,” Hellickson said. “I think somebody must have forgotten the ‘and More’ and searched on Google for Sheets Galore, which is me. The other fellow, Sheets Galore and More, is in Arkansas.”

Hellickson said he sold 80 sets of sheets during the seven-hour sale, with some customers buying five or six sets at a time.

“It made the drive from St. Cloud well worth it,” he said. “I’ll be back again next year, God willing.”

Proceeds from the high-end sheet event support the Dallas County Hospital Foundation Scholarship Fund.


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