Six county employees thanked for 75 years of service Tuesday

Ten-year employee of the Dallas County Public Health Department Vivian Dominguez Aldridge, center, was thanked for her length of service Tuesday by Dallas County Supervisors Mark Hanson, left, and Brad Golightly.

Celebrating 40 years of labor for the public were, from left, Dallas County County Supervisor Mark Hanson, 20-year Dallas County Secondary Roads crew member Ruben Gonzalez, 20-year Dallas County Secondary Roads crew member Kip Hutzell, Dallas County Secondary Roads Director Al MIller and Dallas County Supervisor Brad Golightly.

Six employees of Dallas County were honored Tuesday morning for their length of service to residents of the county by receiving certificates of appreciation from the Dallas County Board of Supervisors.

Dallas County Secondary Roads crew members Ruben Gonzalez and Kip Hutzell were each thanked for 20 years of service to county residents by Dallas County Supervisors Brad Golightly and Mark Hanson in the absence of Chairman Kim Chapman.

Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Adam Jacobs was thanked for 10 years of service if the sheriff’s office.

Vivian Domiguez Aldridge was congratulated on 10 years of service in the Dallas County Public Health Department.

Doug Menz was thanked for 10 years in the Dallas County Conservation Department.

Thanked for five years of service was Jeffrey Hawbaker of the Dallas County EMS Department.


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