Sixteen teachers will be new to Perry schools this year

A total of 16 new teachers will soon step into their classrooms in the three Perry schools. The new hires are, front row from left: Courtney Deuel, Jordan Bettis, Mandy Myers, Christine Krohn, Courtney Bahney, Jessica Brocka, Daisy Diaz and Tonia Prombo. Back row, from left: Calvin Smith, Dan McGinnis, John Fulton, Mark Weber, Kolin Ross, Savannah Belgarde, Barbara Hackett and Chris Marks.

When school starts in Perry August 24 there will be 16 teachers in new positions for the coming year. Some are ‘new’ in the truest sense — rookie instructors beginning their first jobs — while others are ‘new’ only in that they are just now joining the district.

Seven positions will be filled by new faces at Perry Elementary, three Perry Middle School spots will feature new teachers while the Perry High School will begin the next academic year with six new instructors.

Joining the elementary school will be new third grade teachers Daisy Diaz and Kolin Ross, with Mark Weber to serve as Physical Education teacher. Both Courtney Deuel and Jordan Bettis join the staff as English Language Learner teachers, with Courtney Bahney and Mandy Myers handling Special Education duties.

Jessica Brocka is the new Middle School Art teacher, with Dan McGinnis teaching Middle School Mathematics while Chris Marks will have duties in Technology and Visions.

The high school will welcome Savannah Belgarde in Art, Tonia Prombo in Science, Christine Krohn in Language Arts/Literacy and John Fulton in Social Studies. Barbara Hackett will join the Special Education efforts, with Calvin Smith teaching Industrial Technology.

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