SORE coffee group donates to Hurricane Harvey relief

Donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts Wednesday were members of the Society of Retired Experts (SORE) coffee group, clockwise from left, Lou Hoger, Andy Bambrick, Ray Harden, Harley McGuire, Roger Emmert, Ken Finer, Lawrence Bice, Dan Spellman, Jim Haas and Charlie Thompson.

The gathered members of the Society of Retired Experts (SORE) coffee group resolved unanimously Wednesday morning to make a $50 donation to relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey, which is ravaging the central coast of Texas this week.

SORE member Roger Emmert moved the resolution, which was promptly approved by a vote of the whole. Cash reserves from the group’s lipstick-painted pig are to be directed through proper channels to relieve the victims of the extraordinary climate catastrophe.

U.S. Interstate 10 between Beaumont, Texas, and Winnie, Texas, was flooded Wednesday morning as a result of some 50 inches of rainfall from Hurricane Harvey. Photo courtesy Rachel Grove


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