SORE men celebrate cluster of summer birthdays

Society of Retired Experts members gathering to celebrate Andy Bambrick's birthday were, clockwise from left, Ken Finer, Lou Hoger, Gary Becker, 80-something poet Andy Bambrick, Dan Spellman, Ray Harden, Bob Rounds, Lawrence Bice and Charlie Thompson.

Andy Bambrick celebrated his birthday by treating his fellow members of the Society of Retired Expects (SORE) to rolls and coffee at the Perry Perk coffeehouse.

Bambrick’s is the first in a tight group of summer birthdays the group is celebrating in August.

Without descending to particulars, Bambrick confirmed he is well on in his 80s.

Bambrick’s poems are a regular feature of the culture section of He shared a politically themed poem on the occasion of his birthday, called “Winnowing Candidates.”

A posse of media drones hovers.
Their credo:
Transparency the best disinfectant.
Sanctioned, they swoop, pry, peek and make
Predatory nicks.
Candidates duck.
Viewers cluck.

Partisan tactics predictable,
Sometimes despicable.

Party opposition research questionable.
Their seductive, attention-grabbing,
Squishy facts breed.


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