St. Patricks students eager to Light Up the Knight

P.E. teacher Zach Cole was a popular target in the dunk tank at St. Patrick's Catholic School Friday. The activity was in place as part of the fun leading up to the Oct. 1 "Light Up the Knight" fundraiser.

Dewey Field and Kaufman Track will be the site Saturday for the 4th annual “Light Up the Knight” fundraiser for St. Patrick’s Catholic School. Festivities begin at 4 p.m. and will conclude at 8:30 p.m.

The St. Patrick’s Home and School Committee directs the money raised toward a variety of student needs that are not otherwise covered by the school budget, event coordinator Jody Lutterman said.

“One example would be field trips,” she stated. “For a few years now we have been able to pay the expenses for all the field trips the kids take and have not had to tell the parents ‘there is such-and-such a fee’ so that is one benefit everyone sees.”

Lutterman noted several ongoing projects, including Red Ribbon Week and Reading Week are other areas where Light Up the Knight funds are used.

“Home and School tries to use the money for fun things for the kids,” she said. “We had a movie day last year where the kids went to the movies and had popcorn and it there was no cost we had to pass off to parents. Hopefully we can do something like that again this year.”

Carnival games and inflatables will operate from 4:30-6:30, with a series of Minute-To-Win-It games following. Students will then began walking laps on Kaufman Track.

The youngsters have been busy approaching family, friends and neighbors asking for pledges or donations. Direct donations can be given, or students can receive a pledge promising to pay a certain amount for each lap they walk.

Students receive “coins” for each dollar they help raise, and those “coins” can then be used to purchase glow-bracelets and necklaces for use on “glow laps” a popular part of the event.

As part of the fundraising effort, a dunk tank has, in the past, been stationed at Dewey Field. However, with sunny skies and warm weather Friday, the event was moved to the school playground, where students were able to throw three times at the target for each dollar. Anonymous donors assured each student would have an opportunity to splash one of their teachers.

P.E. instructor Zach Cole and principal Eddie Diaz were both quickly soaked, to the delight of the students, who squealed with joy and cheered at each dunking.

The kindergarten and fourth grade classes at St. Patricks Catholic School line up to take their shot at splashing a teacher in the dunk tank.
The kindergarten and fourth grade classes at St. Patrick’s Catholic School line up to take their shot at splashing a teacher in the dunk tank.


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