St. Pat’s fire drill issues in surprise wedding proposal


Emily Domeyer, left, middle school math and science teacher at St. Pat’s, received an offer she couldn’t refuse Wednesday afternoon when her boyfriend, Kevin McGee, asked her to marry him after surprising her by impersonating a Perry firefighter during a fire drill at the Catholic school in Perry.

Fire drills are a routine part of safety preparedness, but a real fire was buring at the Wednesday fire drill at St.Patrick Catholic School in Perry — the fire of springtime love.

The story starts with Kevin McGee, a graduate student in economics at Iowa State University, looking for a way to ask his girlfriend, Emily Domeyer, middle school math and science teach at St. Pat’s, to marry him.

With a little help from love’s foot soldiers,  Emily’s good friends fifth grader teacher Megan Euchner and second grade teacher Rachel Rothmeyer, McGee kindled a plan. Fellow conspirators St. Pat’s Principal Eddie Diaz and Perry Volunteer Fire Department First Assistant Chief Brian Eiteman were involved in some of the logisitics, with Eiteman getting McGee suited up for the fire drill in full firefighter gear, and Diaz penned a proposal to warm even a math teacher’s heart.

“Since it’s a fire drill, I came up with some cheesey lines for him,” Diaz said, “about how she lights a fire in him that only she can quench.”

Like all good teachers of math and science, Emily is methodical and likes order, rationality predictability. Would she like a spontaneously surprising proposal in front of the whole school?

“It should be really funny or really scary, one of the two,” Diaz said. “Her best friend helped me plan it, so if anything goes wrong, I’m blaming her.”

Nothing went wrong. Kevin rolled up in the fire truck and took to one knee in the style of true gallantry before his beloved Emily.

And yes, she said, “Yes, I will. Yes.”


Kevin McGee’s unique wedding proposal to St. Patrick’s Catholic School grades 6-8 math and science teacher Emily Domeyer (middle) received some planning help on the inside from the bride-to-be’s good friends, second grade teacher Rachel Rothmeyer (left) and fifth grade teacher Megan Euchner.





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