St. Pat’s Shining Knights for December show respect

St. Pat's Shining Knights for December are, front row from left, Blake Splendore, Stella Cruz, Ian Perez-Rivera, Alex Recinos and Heidy Sanchez; back row from left, Kai Farmer, Diego Lopez-Casas, Charlee Cromwell, Jasmine Rivas-Mendez, Montserrat Hernandez and Kya Lutterman. Photo courtesy St. Pat's

St. Patrick Catholic School honored its Shining Knights for December as pillars of respectfulness because they were consistently respectful in the classroom, hallways, playground and in church.
St. Pat’s Shining Knights for December included Charlee Cromwell, Stella Cruz, Kai Farmer, Montserrat Hernandez, Diego Lopez-Casas, Kya Lutterman, Ian Perez-Rivera, Alex Recinos, Jasmine Rivas-Mendez, Heidy Sanchez and Blake Splendore.


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