St. Pat’s Shining Knights for May show responsibility

The St. Pat's May Shining Knights of responsibility are, front row from left, Romeo Lepe-Godoy, Metzly Santis-Nava, Juana Calderon, Maddie McDevitt, Kai Farmer and Camila Garcia; back row from left, Josue Ceja, Lambert Meis, Aubriella Gonzalez, Elsa Scheib and Alaia Sandoval. Photo courtesy St. Patrick Catholic School

The St. Pat’s Shining Knights for May were recognized this week for their responsibility.

Shining Knights of responsibility were Josue Ceja, Juana Calderon, Kai Farmer, Camila Garcia, Aubriella Gonzalez, Romeo Lepe-Godoy, Maddie McDevitt, Lambert Meis, Alaia Sandoval, Metzly Santis-Nava and Elsa Scheib.


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