Stoplights at Willis Avenue, Eighth Street on the blink


The lights at Eighth and Willis are on the blink.

The stoplights on Willis Avenue at Eighth Street ceased to function normally about 9 p.m. Wednesday and are now presenting motorists and pedestrians on Willis Avenue with a flashing amber light and motorists and pedestrians on Eighth Street with a flashing red light.

“So there’s a controller inside of the box that has thrown an error code,” said Perry Public Works Director Jack Butler. “One of the sensors that controls the lights has gone bad. Unfortunately, we don’t have a spare — back ordered — so I’ll have to call some other cities around the metro to get a spare.”

Motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to use extra caution at the intersection until the repairs are completed.

“Should be up and running tomorrow late morning,” Butler said.


  1. I frequently used to give directions to guests driving to the hotel for their first time. They usually came to Perry out of the east on 141. I’d tell them to be on the lookout for 8th Street and to turn right there. I’d tell them to proceed on 8th and turn left at the traffic light. They’d ask which traffic light. I’d tell them THE traffic light. Having fun at their expense for only just a moment, I’d explain to them it was the ONLY traffic light.


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