Students honored at Future Ready Perry Pathways breakfast

Taking the Future Ready Perry Applied Engineering Pathway are, from left, Keegan Snyder of Perry High School, Morgan Knapp of Panorama High School, Ryan Huss of Dallas Center-Grimes High School, Colby Tague of Woodward-Granger High School and Sam Ridnour Perry High School. Photo courtesy Future Ready Perry

PHS students in the Future Ready Perry Teacher Pathway, from left, Amber Benway, Lanie Fish and Molly Moorhead, received certificates of recognition for participating in the program at the April 29 breakfast. Photo courtesy Future Ready Perry

The Future Ready Perry Pathways Breakfast was held on April 29 at the Hotel Pattee, recognizing nine area high school students and staff members who participated in the new DMACC at Perry VanKirk Career Academy Pathways Program.

The honored students received a Future Ready Perry Pathways Certificate and individual recognition as $100 Scholars by Perry Economic Development.

This year’s Pathways students were Mason Knapp, Alec Mills, Colby Tague, Keegan Snyder, Sam Ridnour, Amber Benway, Molly Moorhead, Amy Aguirre and Ryan Huss. VanKirk Career Academy Director Eddie Diaz and Career Advantage Advisor Tom Lipovac shared words of appreciation and encouragement to attendees.

Future Ready Perry is a community academic movement based in a partnership uniting the DMACC Perry VanKirk Career Academy, Perry Economic Development and Perry High School. The partners work together pursuing high levels of academic success and developing pathways toward high-demand careers.

“It’s important to face challenges head on, and the workforce development issue is a nationwide challenge that can best be solved with local solutions,” said Perry Economic Development Secretary Eddie Diaz. “Perry Economic Development, the Perry schools and DMACC are supporting students in career pathways that directly address high-demand needs in manufacturing and education with the goal of helping them achieve their goals. Perry Economic Development would like to thank our member partners. Without them, we would not be able to initiate programming like these pathways.”

The program connects high school student interests to future pathways and incentivizes students. High student interest equates with improved attendance, motivation, classroom attentiveness and course success — all desired qualities that are transferable to the secondary level, post-secondary level and the workplace.

“When our students graduate from high school, how will they be ready for their future?” said Career Advantage Advisor Tom Lipovac. “Our intent is to assist students in discovering their “Life’s Calling” – what inspires them, what energizes them, what strengthens them, offering guidance as they pursue their dreams and aspirations.”

The Future Ready Perry initiative began with the Applied Engineering Pathway and the Teacher Pathway, with a focus on career paths and key employability skills while enrolled in related high school courses. The Pathways are entry preparation for the DMACC at Perry VanKirk Applied Engineering Academy and the Teacher Academy through the Career Advantage program.

Career Advantage provides students with high school and tuition free DMACC academic credit simultaneously and preparation for future entry into the workforce or post-secondary programs. Future Ready Perry’s expansion is anticipated to include a Healthcare Pathway connecting to the DMACC at Perry VanKirk Health Occupations Academy.

“Supported by our community’s human and financial resources, Future Ready Perry is a collective impact initiative illustrating our unique vision and commitment to educational strategy,” Diaz said.

For more information or to get involved in the Future Ready Perry initiative, call the DMACC at Perry VanKirk Career Academy at 515-428-8100.


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