Super Bowl 50 prediction: Carolina will make an omelette of Denver

A brief overview of the six state title games on tap at the UNI-Dome.

Here we are at last, Super Bowl Sunday.

As with most of America, I will be hoping the commercials are entertaining, for the game probably will not be, and the halftime “entertainment” will certainly be disastrous given who was chosen to perform.

My fears of having to endure a hate-fest between Scam Newton and Tommy ‘waah’ Brady did not materialize thanks to Denver keeper the cheater out of the big game, for which the Broncos deserve the thanks of at least 300 million Americans.

After a 7-1 start to the playoffs, I badly blew my picks for both conference title games and sit at 156-110 (.586) entering today’s big show.

At last word, the pregame is to start at 11 a.m. Sadly, Phil Simms is still expected to be the “color” guy for the CBS broadcast, although he is so annoying and bland I hesitate to use the term.

I used to like Jim Nantz, and still do — for golf. Now, like Bob Costas, is simply to ever-present.

Shawn Kenney and I should be locked away in a booth somewhere to call the game live, then let everyone hear our effort afterwards. We were a great combination — if I say so myself, and I do — and I bet we would score well in comparison.

Well, here we go …

at Santa Clara, Cal.
Kickoff 5:18 p.m., but go ahead and tune in at 5.
Peyton Manning can no longer throw the ball with any kind of effectiveness beyond 20 yards down the field. That, combined with a mediocre running game a stout Panther defense will stifle, will scramble the Denver offense.
Decorum prevents me from going further on Scam Newton other than to say he is, admittedly, a great talent. I think the Denver defense will give the Carolina offense problems, but the game will be tilted by Panther tight end Greg Olsen, who creates all sorts of match-up problems.
I really do not see a blow-out coming, but Carolina will grab control sometime before the 40-minute halftime and never relent in a game that will feel like more of a whitewash than the scoreboard will actually show … PANTHERS 34-16.


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