Ambulance crashes in Adel on way to alleged Redfield assault

A collision involving a Dallas County ambulance and a passenger vehicle in the 1900 block of Greene Street in Adel Sunday evening sheared off a telephone pole and caused considerable damage to the vehicles. The Dallas County EMS unit was responding to a report of an assault in Redfield at the time of the mishap.

Response by local law enforcement to a reported assault in the 14000 block of 270th Street in rural Redfield shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday was complicated when the county ambulance en route to the scene collided with another vehicle in Adel.

In the Redfield incident, radio traffic suggested one or more assailants fled the scene of the alleged assault, leaving at least one victim unconscious. Authorities have yet to confirm these reports.

The circumstances of the collision involving the Dallas County Emergency Medical Services unit are also unclear at this hour. The mishap occurred in the 1900 block of Greene Street in Adel, near the Adel Acres long-term care facility.

Details remain sketchy at this hour pending statements by the Dallas County Sheriff’s office, which handled the assault report, and the Adel Police Department, which was the lead agency in the ambulance collision. will update this story as information becomes available.


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