Sweet dreams come true for Mt. Olivet Sleep Space project

Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church

Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church in Perry was the first beneficiary Monday of 100+ People for Perry’s collective charity. About 50 local community supporters chipped in on the first of what the group hopes will be many not-for-profit projects it supports.

After hearing from three randomly selected projects, the 100+ People for Perry membership voted to support the Sleep Space project of Mt. Olivet. The Sleep Space project is designed to ensure that all Perry children have a comfortable and warm place to rest by providing free bedding and blankets and also beds when needed.

Becky Reuter of Perry, one of 100+ People for Perry, presented the case in favor of the Sleep Space project and said the funds would be used to buy and store bedding and blankets, with any leftover funds used to assist families in purchasing beds when needed.

“Mt. Olivet will be using available space to store bedding and blankets,” Reuter said, “which will then be open to the community during a set time once a week when anyone can pick up bedding items for their use.”

The church will also make arrangements for people to pick up bedding outside of normal hours. When needed, beds will be bought and delivered to the homes of children in need.

Once they chose the Sleep Space project, the members of 100+ People for Perry each wrote a $100 check to Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church. After the 25-minute meeting concluded and all funds were accounted for, 100+ People for Perry was able to provide Mt. Olivet with $5,000 in support of their initiative.

Rev. Jeremy Winter

Mt. Olivet Pastor Jeremy Winter thanked the membership of 100+ People for Perry for their “generosity and foresight in looking to improve the lives of all Perry residents.”

Winter said he would update the membership on the progress of the Sleep Space at the next 100+ People for Perry meeting, scheduled for Monday, May 23 at 7 p.m. at La Poste.

Memberships are still available in 100+ People for Perry, and current members are encouraged to bring a friend to join the group at the next meeting.

For more information or to join the charity group, contact Mark Powell at 515-465-4641 or mpowell@fdplawfirm.com, Tom Lipovac  at Tom.Lipovac@perry.k12.ia.us, or Linda Kaufman kaufmanlinda1948@gmail.com.


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