Telemedicine now new normal in medical service delivery


Who would have thought that instead of going to a clinic, we would be able to have a physical therapy or occupational therapy appointment using a computer?

Persons recovering from an injury or surgery can have the benefits of assessment and coaching by a therapist trained in recuperation without the typical challenges of going to a clinic one or more times every week.

Using a device connected to the internet, patients are now receiving health care services at home. This is good news for several reasons.

• Reduced risk of exposure to COVID-19
• No struggling to get in and out of a vehicle, then into a clinic
• Less dependence on someone else for a ride
• Savings in fuel costs or bus fare
• Therapists can see your environment and what challenges your home has for you

Many insurances cover telehealth services, with co-payments the same as for in-person visits. If you are unsure whether your insurance covers online therapy, call the member services phone number on your insurance card. Medicare recipients can go to the Medicare website.

You may also call the Dallas County Health Department at 515-993-3750 and a Health Navigator can help you with the details of your insurance plan.

Ann Cochran is the health navigation coordinator in the Dallas County Public Health Department.


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